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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 5/3/11 Episode

I was a little leery of a Fleetwood Mac episode.  I was sorely disappointed by the Britney episode, but this was much better than I expected.

  • Though I thought the songs actually fit well (much better than other themed episodes), I thought it was a little odd to use Fleetwood Mac when "Landslide" was just featured, like, two episodes ago.  -1 for lack of forethought, but +1 because they acknowledged it.  Wash.
  • +2 for "Fondue for Two", mostly because of Brittany's logical conclusion that Lord Tubbington can eat scalding hot cheese because he's on Atkins.  
  • Sue pays for her mocha powder with Euros: +1.
  • I'm glad Quinn is keeping Sam's secret, but after cheating on two boyfriends in a row, why does she think she deserves trust, no questions asked?  +1 because that's exactly how high school divas think.
  • This offer to be in April Rhodes' show should not be tearing up Shu.  -1.  Can't he just go to Broadway after he takes New Directions to nationals?  Plus, aren't Nationals in know, where Broadway is?
  • There were two close-up shots of tots in this episode.  +1 to the writers for sneaking in this reference to a past episode.
Total: 4--> This week's episode is the diva equivalent of Lauren Hill.  I'm pretty sure there was some major dramz within the Fugees, but once she/they start singing, it seems to fade away because the music is full of such good emotion.

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