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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 5/9/11 Episode

I have to say, Gossip Girl sucked me back in last night - and not just because of Cyrus Rose's return.  Since I'm so happy about liking a GG episode again, let's jump right into the recap:

  • Why would Charlie spill out all pills and the bottle in plain sight?  At least cover it with kleenex or something in a vain attempt to cover your tracks.  More importantly, if you're going to throw away the bottle anyway, what was the point of spilling out the pills first?  That seems unnecessary.
  • Blair knows her princess status is shaky at best so why is she meeting up with Chuck when Louis' mother is still in town?  After getting engaged is one thing, but why did she need to warn him about his Uncle Jack in person?  It seems like a text would have sufficed.
  • Did anyone else catch Wallace Shaun's princess bride reference?  Aaah I loved it.
  • I know Nate wants to be a good guy by telling Raina the truth about her Dad.  I also think he couldn't think of a good enough lie in time.  But does he really think it's a good idea to tell the deep dark secret of a man who has now been proven to be a murderer?
  • NYC private schools may have formal fundraising events, but I've never seen one with a red carpet.  Am I shattering anyone's perception of the UES?
  • Is it just me, or for a split second did it seem like Dan was going to ignore Charlie's single white female-esque "call me Serena" request and keep trying to have sex with her?
Well it looks like next week will be a doozy - can't wait!

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  1. Agreed! GG was awesome last night. So sad it got really good again before the finale!



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