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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Classic Party

This past weekend, I participated in the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, an annual festival celebrating cocktail culture.  As you can see by the logo below, they have already announce next year's date, and I am counting down.

I heard about the event through Emily, who was planning to go with her roommates and friends.  There are plenty of events over a 5-day time period, but the event I went with was the 80s Bash at Skylight West, a loft event space.  Basically, it was a bunch of fun-loving New Yorkers getting together to have some hors d'ouvres and drinks - in 80s gear (which I now know is alarmingly prevalent at H&M).  The $50 event lasted four hours, which gave me plenty of time to mingle and take advantage of the open bar.

The best part of the event was when we realized we had access to the roof, which had a breathtaking view of Manhattan.  Emily and a few others had participated in the opening night, black tie gala at the New York Public Library and after looking at their pictures and hearing their stories, I have decided it's worth it to add this pricier event to my agenda next year.

There are so many events like this around the city, and it is my new goal to participate as often as possible, like a true New Yorker.  It's great going to your local dive bar, but attending an event like this will cost you about the same amount and will shake (not stir) your weekend up.

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