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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 4/26/11 Episode

Last week's Glee was an hour and a half which means an extra 30 minutes of awesomeness.  So much good stuff goin on in the latest episode so let's get to it:
  • Great line off the bat from Santana: "I hear Rachel's got a bit of a schnoz.  I wouldn't know because like Medusa I try to avoid eye contact with her." That in addition to her diatribe on Finn's custard filled nipples earns a +1.
  • I'm glad Emma accepts her ginger heritage, especially because it means we get to hear all sorts of interesting ginger facts like they "smell like copper" and "can get a sunburn indoors at night." +1
  • Quinn is SO happy to be helping Rachel with her nose job "I'm surprised more girls haven't asked me.  My nose is awesome!"  Bitchy, self-involved Quinn is the best!  +1
  • Karofsky: "I was just seeing what jeans he was wearing" Santana: "Like that's any less gay."  Very true, Santana: +1
  • Auntie 'Tana tells Karofsky she's not ready to "start eating jicama or get a flattop...maybe in junior college."  +1 not so much for the line, but because she already knows she's only going to junior college.
  • Bully Whips outfits include berets. +1  Additionally, it seems like Karofsky is starting to get a little nicer - I don't think it's all an act.  I'm hoping this is paving the way for him to come back to glee club because I liked him in the Thriller episode.
  • Karofsky's dad called homosexuals "The Gays." +1
  • "Somewhere Only We Know" sort of fit, but not nearly as well as the other songs this episode.  It was very well sung by the Warblers; however, I'm giving a -2 because Blaine randomly starts playing the piano.  He doesn't do a great job faking it and why is there a piano outside anyway?
  • Is it bad that I agree with Quinn.  She was dealt a bad lot, was extremely unhappy so she did something about it.  Not gonna lie, I've been there so I see nothing wrong with what she did.  -1 to Glee writers for making it seem wrong to tweak your appearance.  It's only wrong if you're ugly on the inside.
  • Overall, song choice gets a +1 for performance and relevance, but the mash-up of "Unpretty" and "I Feel Pretty" was particularly poignant and earned an additional +1.
  • Best shirt: Puck's "I'm with Stupid [arrow pointing to penis]" +1
Total --> 7: This week's episode was the diva equivalent of Jessie J.  Sure, she's new to the scene, but her sound is unique and her songs' messages are usually uplifting, much like this episode.  

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