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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Veggie Pasta Salad with Dill Dressing

Many of the pasta dishes I find are full on one-dish meals featuring lots of veggies, meat, and cheese.  I was looking for a new pasta recipe that still had enough ingredients to make it feel special but that was a true side dish rather than the center of the meal.  Most people would say you can't have your cake pasta and eat it too, but when I found this Bon App recipe I knew I could have it all.

I changed it slightly by switching the orzo for ditalini.  Ditalini means "little thimbles" and they are these adorable mini tubes.  There are no ridges to catch the sauce, but since this dish is virtually sauce-less, it's the perfect time to use the cute pasta.  The veggies in this dish - green beans, fennel, and cucumber - are full on springtime and the sauce should mirror that by being simple and light. I didn't have white balsamic like the recipe called for but thought the champagne vinegar worked very well.  The recipe calls this sauce a pesto, but a pesto is made with nuts and cheese.  I didn't add any nuts, but after taking the pic I did add a little grated cabot clothbound white cheddar.   I just couldn't help myself - it's not a pasta dish without just a little cheese.

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