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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grilled Cheese Tacos

Thanks to some hard partying at a bachelorette party on Saturday night, I was unable to rally for Cinco de Mayo celebrations on Sunday.  My Cinco party was therefore significantly downsized.  There were no margaritas, maracas, or sombreros.  But there were tacos and we all know that's the most important part.

I'm sure you read the headline of this post and thought, "grilled cheese tacos...isn't that a quesadilla?"  I thought the same thing when I saw the recipe title but, no, once I read through the recipe I realized it's not a grilled taco.  It's actually cheese that has been sliced and placed directly on the grill to then be used as the filling of the taco.  It's important that you use Mexican grilling cheese (similar to that flaming saganaki cheese from Greek restaurants).  I also like to throw the tortillas on the grill to give them a nice char.  For toppings you just need some avocado slices and homemade pico de gallo.  Or store-bought; I won't judge.  My cheese slices didn't get the grill marks I was hoping for, but the taste exceeded my expectations.

Happy belated Cinco de Mayo!

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