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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bulgogi Bowl

I had taken a package of Trader Joe's Korean marinated beef strips out of the freezer knowing I wasn't going to have time to cook a full meal.  As I got close to home, I decided to pick up a few ingredients to turn the prepared food into a somewhat home-cooked meal so I ducked into the nearest grocery store to pick up some vegetables to build a bulgogi bowl.  

Rice and beef - that's the foundation.  Then put on whatever's fresh.  I had some edamame leftover from a recent sushi dinner so that went in the bowl.  Steamed broccoli seemed like a good fit as well.  Finally, I put on some scallions and sriracha.  I always have rice in the pantry and I'll probably keep this Trader Joe's meat in the freezer from now on because it makes for a quick, well rounded supper.  Just about any veggie works so buy whatever is easiest to grab at the grocery store.  Bean sprouts, julienned carrots, and a fried egg would all work as well.  

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