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Monday, May 20, 2013

Creamy Leek, Mushroom, and Almond Pasta

Creamy = unhealthy.  You don't read this blog to get beaten over the head with the obvious.  But wait - not so fast!  This pasta sauce is creamy without any cream thanks to healthy almond milk.  I followed this recipe and the sauce came out silky and delicious.  The almond milk and leeks make it slightly sweet but then the mushrooms and spinach give it depth.  I bulked up the spinach and mushroom levels because I like my pasta veggie-heavy.  And of course I used more cheese than the recipe's creator did because, well, I'm human.

I had no idea I could achieve a creamy sauce like this by using almond milk and a little corn starch.  I was concerned it would taste like hippy dippy commune food - all peace and love and wheat grass.  But I absolutely loved it.  And at only 40 calories per cup, I will love it in just about every pasta dish I make from now on.  Oh and since it's lactose free, all you lactards with sensitive tummy wummies (read in baby voice) can enjoy heaps of this stuff.  Go nuts.  Or, more precisely, go almonds.

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