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Thursday, May 16, 2013

3 on Thursday

I'm settling into a good mix of activities and downtime lately.  I actually don't have anything planned this weekend (a first!) so I think it may be time to check out a restaurant or two.
I recently tore up the town at a bachelorette party for my friend Ashley and her sister did a wonderful job of setting everything up.  She made place cards out of champagne corks and customized champagne glasses for each of us.  You can't see it, but the champagne glasses have a groove for your thumb which makes them slightly more klutz-proof.  You can find them here where - bonus - they are made of plastic and are therefore roof-friendly for your upcoming summer soirées.  If your group is too timid or - dare I say it - old for penis paraphernalia, candy necklaces are a great accessory for a bachelorette bash. 
For the last four years I have been mentoring a high school girl from an under-served school.  What started out as a jerky series of interactions has turned into a relationship full of sharing.  I am so proud that Tiara is not only going to college but that she has earned a scholarship to boot.  Our last official meeting was last week and at the close we formed a web where all of the pairs shared their favorite experiences.  It didn't matter that nobody really opened up during this activity.  The more significant moment was when Tiara gave me a big hug before leaving the meeting. 
I have stood in front of this door just about every day for the last year and never realized it was there.  There are plenty of unused subway stations and secret pathways below the city streets of New York.  I like to think this is a gateway to one of them.

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