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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tooms vs. Food

While most of my friends decided to jet away to warm weather and all inclusive resorts over the Xmas break, my friend Tooms decided to stay in his native, cold Brooklyn.  Not content to simply relax at home, enjoying his Italian mama's pampering, Toom Raider decided to make a Man vs. Food challenge his own.  John Toomey tried his luck at Buffalo Cantina's hot wings challenge.  Stupid?  Immensely.  That's why it's awesome.
The challenge was originally called the Suicide 6 Wings (which is what Adam Richman does on Man vs. Food), but too many people were completing the challenge, so they created a hotter sauce, "seppuku", aptly named for the ceremony in which the Japanese samurai would kill themselves because they had committed a dishonorable deed.  Interesting fact.  I didn't expect to learn anything new when writing this post, but what do ya know, I did - bonus.

The rules:
  • 12 Suppuku wings in 3 minutes
  • No drinks
  • No napkins
  • Must sign a waiver
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must be sober
Toomstone hates disappointing me, so he made sure to win.  His prize: free wings, his picture now graces the wall of the restaurant, a commemorative t-shirt, and eternal glory.  (Had he lost, he would have been responsible for paying the $10.95 cost of the wings; but more importantly, he would have felt the shame of letting me down.)

Tooms, I'm proud of you.  Even more so because you didn't ralph afterward.

Readers, for your enjoyment, please view the below videos of Tooms accomplishing this feat:

A video of Tooms eating the wings  Please note the surgical gloves worn to protect his hands from extreme spice.
A video of Tooms suffering afterwards

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