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Friday, January 29, 2010

In The Year 3000

Wednesday was a big day in my world, aka the print advertising community.  With the introduction of the iPad, is this the future of the publishing realm?  I think so.  The Kindle was close, but Steve Jobs just took it five steps closer.  I, myself, am not a big fan of the e-reader.  I love my books and magazines in their original forms.  I love the smell, the textures, and the proud feeling I get when displaying their spines in my overstuffed bookshelf.  However, while slightly averse to change, I understand that times are a changin.  What's next?  A chip in my brain tat will automatically upload info?  Maybe.  For now, I'll continue to flip the actual pages of Oprah's latest book club pick.

iPad is a shiny new toy.  Though I do not plan on spending $500 on what is basically a flat-style computer, I think it's cool...or at least I did until someone made me realize the name sounds like a feminine hygene product.

Two other things that were cool about Wednesday: 1) Queen Latifa opened up my company's State of the Union event and 2) on my way there I spotted Matthew Settle (aka: Rufus Humphrew on Gossip Girl).  Though we both attended Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood party last year, he didn't seem to remember me.

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