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Friday, January 8, 2010


For those of you readers who doubt my authority, I would like to submit a review from my latest satisfied customer, Avery Budman.

My dear friend Aves was traveling to NYC from her current home in the Nation's Capital for a couple days over X-mas.  Although I was to be home in GA and therefore unable to enjoy her company, she asked me to provide a list of my fave (but not overly pricey) NYC restaurants with veggie options so she could test out my food-finding skills.  I gave her an exhaustive list, but unfortunately, she only made it to one.  Lucky for her, she picked a goodie: Pommes Frites.

Pommes Frites is a tiny, dark nook on 2nd Ave and 8th that serves only belgian fries and an array of sauces - 32 to be exact.  Who doesn't love fries?  Fried potatoes are amazing on their own, but both delicious and fun when paired with dips and served in a giant cone.  I haven't yet made it through all the sauces, but so far my top choices are the smoked eggplant mayo, rosemary garlic mayo, sundried tomato mayo, and peanut satay.  Next on my list is the pomegranate teriyaki mayo.  They're tasty any time of the day, but they're open late so if you happen to have spent an evening around the East Village bar scene, this makes for some great drunk food.

If reading about this place isn't enough to convince you to go, just take it from Avery.  Immediately after snacking there, I received a text saying the place was amazing, so I asked her to elaborate: "Pommes Frites was well worth the subway ride we took just to go there. If you're going to have a restaurant devoted to just one item, they better be good -- and pommes frites was the ultimate. Each potato was perfectly crisp, the sauce selection is unrivaled and each bite brings a little bit more happiness to your life. French fries at their best."

Thanks, Aves - glad you enjoyed!  Next time, I plan to be around so we can explore the NYC food scene together.

So there.  See Mom, I do know what I'm talking about!

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