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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bowl Game + Bowls of Food

While UGA did not play in what would be considered by most standards to be an important bowl game, we did manage to seriously damage the Texas A&M Aggies in the Independence Bowl with a record 44 points.  That would be the 13th consecutive bowl game appearance and 45th overall, in case you weren't counting. The Konter/Sand fam gathered to celebrate the occasion with a very yummy tailgating spread:

  • Matt and Jen prepared brisket sliders.  Kinda spicy, kinda sweet, all delish.  
  • Matt also came to the table with some kick-ass guac.  There was a definite bite to it, but not so much that a beer didn't wash it down perfectly.
  • Allison prepared a serious tuna ceviche dish, tossed with avocado, peppers, and an amazing sauce.
  • My mommy made her highly addictive artichoke heart dip.  She made a double recipe since I single handedly ate the regular portion.
  • I made a portobello mushroom and goat cheese crustini - tasty and easy
  • 2 kinds of chicken wings, courtesy of Fresh Market
  • We finished it all off with brownies from Matt and Allison's grandma, who happens to be a baker extraordinaire - her mandel bread was even featured in the paper...ok it was in the Savannah Jewish News, but that is technically a paper even if it is only two pages long and pretty much consists of articles about people related to me since my family comprises just about the entire Jewish population of Savannah.

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