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Friday, January 29, 2010

Rey of Sunshine

Today is Fat Friday.  Not only did I sample decadent macarons from Macaron Cafe (I'm not sure what flavor I tried, unless there's a flavor called super sweet and yummy), I ate my weight in Mexican food. 

Today, Midtown West became Midtown Best as El Rey del Sabor opened another permanent location at 49th and B'way, conveniently near my office.  El Rey del Sabor is one of my favorite street carts and one of the few serving Mexican in the city.  You would think I'd love that the original location is situated by Bloomingdales, so close to my apartment, but since it is only around during the week, I never get to take advantage of it.  Now that I can, I went crazy. 

Mexican food is supposed to be down and dirty.  If it's wrapped up in a pretty bow, I don't trust it.  There's something about watching two sweaty guys crammed in a cart that makes the food taste better.  Though hot dogs and gyros are the norm in street food, the fact that this necessitates a knife and fork does not make it exempt.  My food was delicious and I only mildly regret the amount I consumed.  I couldn't decide what I wanted, so I just kept ordering.  A tamale, small side of guac, and 3 tacos later (beef, spicy pork, and chorizo), my tummy is sooo happy.  These fellas know their way around a spice cabinet.   I also got a glimpse of the burrito my friend Pat ordered.  It was no smaller than my calf and was apparently quite tasty.  If you happen to live work in the area, make it a point to stop here for a cheap, filling, and flavorful lunch.

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