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Monday, January 18, 2010


I've been wanting to see The Blind Side for a while but never got around to it.  However, after watching Sandra Bullock accept a Golden Globe for her performance in a beautiful amethyst frock (seriously, if I can look like her when I'm 45 I would be beyond happy), I knew it was time to buy a ticket.  I'm certainly glad I did because it was a wonderful feel-good film and Bullock's performance was wonderful.  She nailed the behavior, mannerisms, and speech of the feisty Southern mothers who have surrounded me my entire life.  Tim McGraw deserves a pat on the back too for being much more than the guy who fills half my iPod.  Good job.

My one complaint is that UGA was not prominently featured throughout the film.  During Oher's recruitment, they paraded SEC coaches across the screen.  My heart leaped at the brief glimpse of the Georgia G on a no-named assistant coach.  Perhaps it's true that Oher was not really considering The University of Georgia, but how 'bout a little of that creative license I've heard so much about?  Just about every major SEC coach was featured with the exception of Mark Richt.  As well as this movie has done at the box office, I can only imagine ticket purchases and reviews would soar if Coach Richt was included.  Sandra Bullock's character, Leigh Anne Tuohy, calls Nick Saban "a very attractive man".  Clearly, she never met Mark Richt.  And on another note, I didn't know it was possible for Lou Holtz to appear on tv without throwing his clipboard and/or hat on the ground.  UGA was featured in the background on tv in the scene where Tim McGraw's character is explaining a poem to the Oher character.  Unfortunately, they showed a Georgia/Georgia Tech basketball game.  Basketball is not our sport.

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