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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 12/6/10 Episode

Finally!  It's about time we learned why Ben was in jail and Juliet has been out for Serena's soul all season. So many secrets were let out of the bag this week!  It was almost too much to handle...almost.

  • Has Dan finally caught on that it's weird he is in love with his sister?  When he and Blair are trying to see Serena at the Ostroff Center, I sense a tinge of shame as he says "I'm her brother."
  • Why is there a neighborly postman that knows her by name when Juliet steps off the bus?  It's Connecticut, not Pleasantville.
  • While we're talking about Juliet getting off the bus, why is she wearing 2010's sparkly dress but carrying 1920's suitcase?
  • When Serena lets Juliet off the hook for trying to ruin her life, Juliet looks a tad too smug.  You do realize you drugged the wrong girl, right?
  • How is the captain allowed to use Vanderbilt money to lease a house without his wife's consent?  Wouldn't her lawyers be a tad suspicious since he's in JAIL?
  • Lily, from where do you summon the power to keep all these secrets locked away?  Sending an innocent man to jail and selling Chuck's company behind his back: those are a couple of bombshells you just dropped on us, my chignon-loving friend.  Private school is great (trust me, I'm a private school kid, myself), but framing a man for statutory rape just so your daughter can get into one is a tad excessive.
  • Also, not really a question, but I think I noticed a couple of goofs this episode...
    • I don't think you're allowed to join an inmate for tv time.  It's not like visiting a friend at a hotel - they're prisoners.
    • It looks like the picture behind the couch (when Rufus calls Lily out for selling the company) is of Lily from that night - same dress and hair.  Considering I haven't heard anything about time travel suddenly becoming possible and Lily would never wear the same outfit twice, I think somebody messed up here.
So this was a pretty major episode and I have no idea where it will go from here...

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