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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pick the Burger When You Go for Pizza

When I visited Pulino's, I was not overly impressed with the pizza.  That can be a problem since it's a pizza place.  However, after the one and only time I ever went to Pulino's, I ended up meeting someone out at a bar who worked in the restaurant scene.  He seemed pretty in-the-know, so when he told me the only thing worth eating there is the burger, I filed it away in my rolodex of foodie facts.

Last night, Steph and I went with Gav and some of his friends to Bowery Electric for a birthday but it wasn't long before we remembered we don't really like that bar that much.  There's no way to move and it's certainly not worth the crowds of 23-24 year olds.  It's fine if you're wasted, but I only had one drink under my belt so it was a little much.  Steph and I decided to leave to sit at the bar at Pulino's since we knew it would be calm and spacious.  After two carafes of wine, we deemed it appropriate to order food and this is when I pulled out my burger knowledge.  They didn't even ask us how we wanted it cooked, but it came out a perfect medium rare - just how I like it - with cheese and tons of caramelized onions.  I know it's a pizza place, but the burger is the best thing on the menu.

So Pulino's may be trying to establish itself in the pizza community of New York, but don't bother yourself with going for the pies.  Instead, here are the reasons to check it out:

  1. The weird bathrooms
  2. See for yourself what caused so much controversy (after New York Magazine gave it a poor review, owner Keith McNally fired back with a letter to the reviewer - research the childlike behavior for yourself)
  3. The burger

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