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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shower Power

On Sunday, Greg, Susan, and I threw a baby shower for Matt and Jen because we are all so excited there will soon be a baby girl added to our group.  And because we live to throw parties and will take just about any excuse to do so.  I am sorry to report there were no games played.  The shower was co-ed and we didn't want to subject boys to what they would consider the torturous activities of measuring Jen's belly or guessing what melted candy bar is in the diaper.  The fact that the shower was game-free meant we had more time to mingle, ogle at Jen's growing belly, and EAT.  I split the cooking responsibilities with Greg and Susan, so we wound up with a ton of food:

  • Cheese and chive turnovers
  • Sundried tomato dip
  • Deviled eggs
  • Biscuits
  • Chick-fil-A (That's right, we made it happen by sneaking into the NYU building and everyone now thinks we're gods.)
  • Grits casserole (grits and cheese in cake form that I could eat for days)
  • Brownie bites with cream cheese icing and butterfinger topping
  • Chocolate covered red velvet cake balls (Haven't you heard?  Cake balls are the new it thing.  Susan made these from scratch and they were incredible.)
  • Carrots and a fruit plate (we had to have something healthy on the table)
We had a house full of almost 30 people - many of them Southerners whose palates we had to appease, hence the Chick-fil-A, grits, biscuits, and deviled eggs.  I like to think these transplanted Southerners don't get to enjoy their favorite foods from home very often so we made sure to give them a little taste of Savannah.

Am I really old enough to have friends with babies?  Apparently.  I now know what a Boppy is.  For those in the dark (as I was), it's a pillow thingy that is THE item for new parents.  I also now know I am totally unequipped to have a baby.  I suppose I'll have to learn how to change a diaper fast because I plan to be the best Aunt EVER.

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