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Monday, December 27, 2010

Competing with Giada

Between Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner, I've been enjoying other people's cooking a lot of late.  Time for me to pony up to the stove and do some cooking of my own.  A while ago, I saw Giada making pasta with almond sauce on the Food Network and I said, "huh, I could do that."  The pasta looked creamy and easy, and her boobs always look so perfect while she's cooking.  What can I say, I was inspired.  Before the blizzard got too bad yesterday, I headed to the store to get the ingredients (and a push-up bra) so I could see if there was any way I could compete with Giada.

I made a few adjustments: Giada used penne; I substituted fresh squid ink fettucini from Eataly.  Giada used peas and rotisserie chicken; I thought cremini mushrooms and rotisserie chicken went better.  The flavor was on target and the nutty sauce was a new (and welcome) flavor profile for me, though I don't think my almonds were chopped as finely as Giada's were and the sauce didn't combine quite as well.  Plus, even with the help of Victoria's Secret, I don't think my boobs were as perky as hers.  You win this round, Giada.  My dish may not have been as perfect as it was on tv, but it was still tasty.  Good thing I think so because after eating three portions of the pasta, there is still enough leftover sauce to feed an army, which will come in handy when I don't want to head out in the snow.

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