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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Egg-celent Day

After a couple days of being extremely lazy, yesterday was certainly a turn of events.  I headed to Brooklyn to meet Jen for lunch.  Jen let me pick the restaurant, so I chose one I have heard a lot about.  egg is constantly written up for their breakfast sandwich and Southern-style cuisine, but the brunch line on weekends is too long to make the trip from Manhattan worth it.  A Tuesday brunch seemed like the perfect way to avoid the crowds and see what the fuss is all about.

We only waited about 10-15 minutes before being seated at a table with white butcher paper and a fully stocked bowl of crayons.  Points go to egg for giving the good colors - I hate when it's just a jar of brown cayons.  No good doodling comes from brown crayons.  I quickly ordered a coffee to warm up and it arrived in its own adorable single serving french press.  I've never used a french press and was unsure how to pump and pour the contraption (remember, I'm a country mouse), but I eventually managed to get the java into my mug and found it to be a particularly smooth and delicious cup of coffee.

When a restaurant is named egg, you pretty much know what you're going to order.  I figured it would be blasphemous to order anything other than the restaurants namesake, so I chose the eggs rothko (easy-cooked egg in brioche, topped with grafton cheddar, served with broiled tomatoes and a side of meat).  Sounds good, right?  Too bad they were out of brioche and regular bread just didn't sound as special.  If I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it right so I scratched the eggs and went down the completely opposite road: lunch fare.  I told you they specialize in Southern food and I saw my favorite Southern item on the menu: pimento cheese.  I ordered the ham and pimento cheese sandwich, served on grilled baguette.  The ham was more like prosciutto and was salty enough to stand up to the slightly spicy pimento cheese.  Jen ordered an egg and chorizo biscuit whose filling was spilling all over the plate.  Yums all around.

egg is extremely easy to get to.  It's steps away from the Bedford stop in Williamsburg, which means it only takes about 5 minutes from Union square.  I suggest going on off-hours to beat the crowds, but go you must because this is brunch done right.
With the boys away (or should I say boy, since Jen is the only one of us with a mate), the girls will play so after lunch we got our nails done.  With a full belly and fresh fingernails, it was time to head back to the city so I could do something I dread: shoe shopping.  I was desperate to find shoes for Greg and Susan's wedding and could not put it off any longer.  Knowing me, I probably would have tried to put it off just a little while longer, but my Mom has been calling and emailing twice a day to make sure I found new heels and would not be disappointing her/shaming the family by showing up to the wedding in ratty shoes.  Thankfully, I found a suitable pair...if you listen closely, you can probably hear my Mommy sighing with relief right now.  

Errand complete, I was free to do something fun like see a movie with Raych.  With the hopes of crossing all potential Oscar nominees of our list, we chose The King's Speech for our viewing pleasure.  Loved it.  Though it doesn't seem like there would be enough meat to sustain a film about a king overcoming his stammer, the movie was utterly enjoyable.  Both funny (British quip style) and very sweet, this movie is Academy Award worthy, particularly Colin Firth's performance.

Today isn't as exciting, but it's not over yet!

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