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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Call Me an Idiot...

...but I am on the fence when it comes to how much I enjoyed American Idiot.  As a Broadway fanatic, I was overjoyed to receive a free ticket to the show last weekend.  I had heard mixed reviews, so I was happy to formulate an opinion of my own.  Unfortunately, my thoughts are just as mixed as everyone else's.

  • Downside: 
    • Zero plot.  It's basically just Green Day songs that aren't clearly strung together.  They could have done much more with the album's material since all songs were inspired by 9/11, but it fell short.  
    • The ending was depressing.  So basically, you're telling me life sucks and there's no hope for it to get better?  Cool, I'm psyched.
    • It was trying to be the new Rent (love gone awry, drugs, punk).  Don't try.  There can only be one.
  • Upside: 
    • True, it was basically just a concert and that's not what I expected when I went to see a Tony nominated musical, but it was a good concert.  Their renditions of the Green Day songs we are all so familiar with were great. 
    • I got to see not one, not two, but three of the boys from Spring Awakening (aka one of the best musicals of ALL TIME).  
    • The show is only 90 minutes with no intermission, making it a fun Sunday night activity that doesn't eat up your entire day/night.
In the end, I realized I loved the performances but wasn't blown away by the show itself.

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