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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yum Yom

After 24 hours without food or water, I turn into quite a grumpy gal, which makes Yom Kippur a difficult holiday for me.  Whatever weight I may have lost during the fast found its way back to my body the moment I walked into my family's break the fast celebration.  My aunt and uncle set out a super spread. We're talkin' bagels, salad, another salad, quiche, corn pudding, and sushi.  I filled up, chit chatted with the fam, and then headed over to Greg and Susan's for break the fast part deux.

I was too full to eat when I got there, so I just boozed and shmoozed.  It wasn't long before Susan decided to break out Taboo.  I am a major board game fan, so this evolution from holiday meal to game night was more than fine by me.  Craig and I made a good team, but we were no match for married pair Alli and Ben.  Of course, after a couple rounds I was ready to eat again, so I grabbed some of the cheese grit cake/casserole (definitely getting that recipe) and some desserts (yes, dessertS, plural).  Now that Fall is in the air and Winter is not far behind, I am reminded of the beauty of game nights.  All you need is good wine, good company, and a good game - no need to brave the cold!

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