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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gossip Girl Grub

Poor little Sasha.  She just moved into a new apartment and her cable has not been set up yet, putting her in a dire situation when it came to watching last night's Gossip Girl season premiere.  I couldn't leave a girl hangin, so I invited her over to watch our favorite Upper East Siders and eat a Gossip Girl inspired menu:
  • Gossip Girl'd Cheese: (Girl'd Cheese...grilled cheese...get it?!) Made with Vermont white cheddar and mini-sized for a little app
  • Upper East Sliders: Mini crab cake sliders
  • Chuck [Sea] Bass Tacos: served with pico de gallo, tropical salsa, avocado, and cotija cheese (the Mexican cotija was a good touch)
  • Since I don't bake, dessert came with help from the store: Mini French fruit tarts (correlating to the season opener's Paris setting)
I made tons of food - way too much for two people, but I couldn't help myself!  Once I thought of all those puns, I had to cook all of them.  No matter, Sasha took some home for her roomies, and I still have leftovers to take me through the rest of the week.  AND in a rare victory, all the food was ready at the same time and just in time for the show to start.  Major success.  A good meal was the perfect compliment to the premiere and a great way to say "welcome back" to some of my favorite characters on TV.

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