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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jamaican Me Happy

I am a little behind in my reporting because I have been so busy with my parents, but now that it is Sunday evening, it's time to play catch-up...all the way back to Thursday.

My parents are fun and adventurous eaters, so when I met them for lunch on Thursday afternoon, it was no surprise that my Daddy begged for street food.  Unless you're talking roadkill, street food does not exist in Savannah, so I was not about to take my parents to any old Halal cart.  No no; only the best for my parents, which is why I took them to the Jamaican Dutchy.

The Jamaican Dutchy serves scrumptious Caribbean food out of a street cart.  Daddy got the curried goat, Mommy got the stewed chicken, and I got the Jerk chicken.  All meals came with slaw, rice and beans, and sweet plantains.  The food was so flavorful and they managed to stuff an impossible amount into one small styrofoam box.  Daddy got the small meal (which was not small by any definition of the word) and Mommy and I each got mini meals (more than enough food).  At just $6-$7 for the mini meal, this is a steal and a great break from the build your own salad we're all accustomed to eating at lunch in Midtown.

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