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Friday, September 10, 2010

A Rad Rosh

Last night, Matt and Jen invited me, Greg, Susan, and Richard, honorary Jew to their apartment for Rosh Hashanah dinner. I may not have made it to services this year (sorry, Grandma), but I made sure to celebrate the holiday by sharing a lovely, home-cooked meal with friends and family. I also made sure to take a picture of the challah for proof to show my Mom that we incorporated blessings (and thus some semblance of the actual holiday) into the holiday meal.

We started with matzah ball soup. It was amazing. I know it was amazing because I actually ate the entire bowl. I never do that. Typically, I eat half a ball (please contain dirty comments) and slurp a spoonful of broth to be nice, but then leave the rest and wait for the real part of the meal to start. Not last night. The broth was filled with yummy spices, parsnips, and firm matzah balls. I prefer hard balls (again, please keep the dirty comments in check), so this was my kinda soup.

Next up, we had brisket, brussels sprouts, and sweet kugel. Everything was amazing and Matt and Jen get a big round of applause for putting together a holiday meal that would make any Jewish Grandma proud. My contribution was the challah. When I asked Jen what I could bring, she texted either the challah or chocolate babka and Susan would bring whichever I didn't. I responded that I would pick up the challah since I didn't know what a babka was. Jen was appalled that I didn't know, considering there is a Seinfeld episode devoted to it. Well, now I've tried it (warm, with berries) and think it's pretty good. For your viewing enjoyment, I've included a clip of the episode:

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