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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fab Fiore's

We needed to fuel our bellies before heading out of the city for the Labor Day weekend and Gav wanted sandwiches.  Since we were leaving from Hoboken (still a pretty foreign place to me), I was unable to contribute any suggestions, but luckily, Gav had us covered and insisted we grab food from Fiore's.

This place is legit.  They've been around since 1913 and have perfected the art of mozzarella.  Gavin sent Steph and I in to grab three sandwiches, his only requirement that they all have mozzarella.  I followed Steph's lead and grabbed three baguettes from a bin that we brought up to a counter.  Steph did all the ordering, which was best because I was still taking everything in.  We decided on one with roast beef, one with prosciutto, and one "Italian Special"- all with mozzarella, of course.  We had each drizzled with some oil and vinegar and that was it.  The total came to around $35, which is nothing considering each sandwich was actually two full sandwiches.  You had to reeeeally push yourself to eat more than a half.  Trust me, I tried because I didn't want to stop eating the Italian Special (roasted red pepper, mozz, salami, prosciutto), but my tummy is only so big.

I'm thinking of taking a little trip on the Path back to Hoboken just so I can have another sandwich from this place.
(This is a 1/2 sandwich)

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