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Friday, September 24, 2010

Gleecap: Diva-meter - 9/21 Episode

It feels like I've been waiting forever for the return of Glee.  I have been so excited for so long that by the time Tuesday rolled around, I worried I may have built it up in my head.  Would I be disappointed?  Would the songs be terrible?  The jokes no longer funny?  Not a chance.  I loved it.  With that, let's re-launch the diva-meter this season!

  • A lot of characters have disappeared.  -3 because I'm sad to see Ken Tenaka and Black Dude leave.  
  • Everyone has fresh haircuts.  +1 because those glee clubbers would [mistakenly] be so sure of their immediate bump in cool factor that they would get their hair did to match.
  • Love the return of Finn's inner monologue.  +1
  • Rachel: "You don't speak English. [Talking louder and in broken English] I need people swaying behind me while I sing solos." +3  I'll also give this another +2 for a great Telephone rendition.  It fit and the tension was unmistakable.
  • There's Asian camp.  +2 right there.  The fact that the camp is devoted to getting the kids to become tech-free earns them another +2.  And one more +1 because this reminds me of when Quinn suggested Tina's new identity should be computer programmer in the Gaga episode.
  • -2 for the Tina/Other Asian pairing.  She's goth; he's apparently got rock hard abs (thank you for the gratuitous shirtless shot, writers) - this match-up would never happen.
  • Some favorite lines:
    • Mercedes to Kurt: "Is that a men's sweater?" +1 because although I never thought Kurt would abandon his diva-ness, I liked the affirmation.
    • Rachel to Finn: "Controllist isn't a word." +2 because I would not have been able to stop myself from making that correction either.  Just yesterday, someone at work said discerning when they meant disconcerting.  I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying anything.  Divas do not keep these sorts of things to themselves.
  • Was that Broadway star Cheyanne as the new Vocal Adrenaline director?  -1 only because I'm not sure.
  • +3 for Quinn being a Cheerio again.  She hasn't displayed much diva behavior since becoming pregnant.  But now that she's back on the squad, I have a feeling there's a diva in there who's just begging to break free.  I'm getting really excited about this character development.
  • All songs this episode were pretty fab.  We had some hip hop, some top 40, and some show tunes.  A little something for everybody.  All of my multiple personalities were happy.  Most songs were also relevant (maybe not Billionaire, but you can't win 'em all).  Therefore, song choice earns a +4.
Total: 14 --> The season 2 premiere was the diva equivalent of Celine Dion.  Even if you try to escape her, you're always pulled back in by her raw talent.  No one disputes her amazing-ness, and I don't think that anyone can argue that Glee is back and better than ever.

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