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Thursday, September 23, 2010

High Quality

Earlier this week I headed to Quality Meats with some co-workers for a huge, filling steak dinner.  Quality Meats has all the normal steakhouse offerings but in much hipper digs than the traditional Palm or Del Friscos.  The food was great, so let's jump right in:

  • We were greeted with an amuse bouche of roasted mission figs with carmelized black pepper and coriander.  I could have saved mine for dessert.  Good start, Quality Meats.
  • We started with the shrimp cocktail.  There was only one shrimp per person, but they were colossal.  The best part of this app was that each person got their own personal tray of three sauces (traditional horseradish cocktail sauce, a ginger soy, and a creamy cilantro).  Forget being the best part of the app; this was the best part of the meal.  The sauces were so good, we ordered another round of shrimp just to have an excuse to keep eating the sauces.
  • We all had steak for the entree, of course.  This also came with a delicious homemade steak sauce, made tableside.  Once again, the sauce was incredible.  
  • For sides, we ordered the parmesan waffle fries, asparagus, and best of all, the broccoli bites.  These little fried broccoli and cheese cubes were by far the table's favorite.
  • Don't skip dessert.  Not only did we not skip it, we ordered four:
    • Passion fruit tart with diced tropical fruit and raspberries (my favorite)
    • Apple tart that I think was dripping with some liqueur (brandy, perhaps?)
    • Warm brownie with chocolate sauce and a pistachio brulee
    • Sticky toffee pudding with almond ice cream
Everything was delicious, and I woke up still full.  I also woke up with the conviction that they need to start bottling the sauces.  Listen to me, Quality Meats!  You and I could make a fortune off this!  I must be able to get these sauces on a more regular basis.  If anyone has any ideas how we can make this happen, please contact me ASAP.
Sauces: the only picture you really need to see

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