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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thrilling Thrillist

This past week was Fashion Week, which means the Beautiful People came out in droves.  I was lucky enough to attend the Thrillist party, which was held at The Griffin.  I had never been in the Griffin before, but I like what I saw.  Velvet couches, mirrored walls, filigree galore, and a slew of small chandeliers that came together for a dramatic effect made the lounge feel upscale without that "trying too hard" feeling.  I sort of felt like I was standing inside a music box.  But the best decor was temporary: male models.  There were five gorgeous men standing on tables for our viewing enjoyment.

Models aside, The Griffin seemed like a great place to grab a drink in Meatpacking.  But the prime view of the models made Fashion Week a new favorite time of year.  I'll admit, I am not a fashionista - not by any stretch of the imagination.  Shopping is not my thing, and I am more comfortable in my classic, preppy threads than in the season's hottest trends.  But fashion week is a great way to pretend I'm trendy and I am happy to fake it til I make it, especially when male models are involved.  I highly recommend you snag an invite to one of these parties next year.  Why would you pass up an opportunity to check out hot clothes, ogle at hot people, and discover a hot lounge?

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