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Monday, September 13, 2010

Finale Feast

Despite my lack of HBO, there was no way I was missing last night's season finale of True Blood.  Thankfully, Greg and Susan were kind enough to have me over for a little viewing party, which of course means we turned it into a reason to feast.

Greg and Susan prepared the main course and side dish: chicken marsala and potatoes with all sorts of onions and spices on top.  They owned up and said their aunt cooked it and sent them home with leftovers over the weekend.  I don't care who made it; it was good.  I wanted to try out a couple new recipes, so I came with two dishes:

Maybe I was channelling the Bon Temps crew or maybe I was just missing home, but I ended up making some Southern style grub.  Until recently, I didn't realize deviled eggs were a Southern thing - I thought they were just yummy picnic fare.  I whipped up a batch and played with the spices to make them my own.  I've always left the deviled eggs up to my Mommy - why should I try to make them when she always does it for me?  Well, I think my eggs would make my Mom proud and now that I have my recipe down, I'll be making them again for future parties.  I also wanted to latch on to the end of Summer so I made shrimp rolls.  Obviously, lobster is the first choice, but they can be a tad cost prohibitive; plus, shrimp is a low country fave.  I added some thyme and chili powder to make it a little more than shrimp and mayo and loved the result.

For a mini finale recap: I didn't think the final episode was the best one of the season, but we did learn a few new things about Bill and Sookie's relationship and the whole witch storyline, so it definitely wasn't a total loss.  It may not have been terribly dramatic, but they did a good job setting things up for next season.  Overall, this season was much better than season two, which means I'll be going crazy waiting for the fourth season to begin a whopping nine months from now.  Thankfully, I have the return of Gossip Girl (tonight!) and some other favorite shows to keep me occupied while I wait.

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