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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Forget Diamonds, Give Me Ruby!

After our messy street food, my parents and I decided to go a little more refined for dessert before I went back to work.  A friend had told me about Ruby et Violette and I have been dying to try.  I am so happy the three Mercer sisters decided to put their Ivy League educations to good use by baking the best cookies I've ever had.  I'm not one to chase cookies, but these are soft and inventive - worth the chase.  They rotate the flavors daily, which makes me think I need to return on a regular basis just to try them all.

The cookies are neither large nor cheap, but don't let that hold you back.  We ordered three cookies for $6: the Friday Night Foosball (peanuts, pretzels, chex mix, and dark chocolate), champagne and strawberries (with huge chunks of fresh strawberries), and the Geisha Seduction (chrystalized ginger and dark chocolate).  The cookies are so rich, you don't need a giant one to satisfy your sweet tooth...but with all the amazing flavors, it will be difficult to pick just one.

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