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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toloache Today

Today, a few co-workers and I hit up Mexican restaurant Toloache for lunch.  Since we were heading back to work, we skipped the margs, but in the past they have been quite enjoyable.  Thankfully, I didn't need to be drunk to enjoy the food.  Since we had been there before, we knew the guacamole trio was a must.  Why choose between the regular, spicy, or fruity when you can have all three?  The fruity guac is my favorite.  It's filled with pomegranite seeds and chunks of apple, mango, and peach.  It's almost like they combined guacamole and sangria to create a summery treat...that you can eat all year round.  We also had a short rib bbq quesadilla to share.  It was good, but the fruity guac kept stealing my attention. 

We all got tacos for our entrées (I picked tilapia with jicama slaw and guac), which come two per order alongside a heaping portion of beans and rice.  After discovering huitlacoche awhile ago, I had to order the side of huitlacoche mushrooms.  I had previously only tried huitlacoche in corn soup form, and this was good but very woodsy.  Can food be musky?  Because they almost tasted musky.  Or if tree bark was a flavor.  Aaaaand now I sound like a crazy person.

You should keep this place in mind if you're looking for someplace to go pre-theater.  Since it's right around the corner from the office, we're big Toloache fans, but I don't think it's as good as its sister restaurant, Yerba Buena (mmmm). 

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