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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gleecap: 6/1 Episode

Though I am sad to have just learned of Rue McClanahan's recent passing this morning (that saucy minx was my favorite Golden Gal), I am cheered by the fact that this week's Glee was a goodie.  The Diva-meter recap is as follows:
  • There are [multiple] Ohio show choir blogs? +1
  • Sue wears a track suit and pearls to her date with Shu. +3
  • Sue gets a placenta mask.  +4 because only divas and pageant moms can make impossible spa treatments happen and have no shame in exploiting babies.
  • Before Jesse pelts Rachel with an egg, the female lead in Vocal Adrenaline says "Do it Jesse.  Are you with us or not?"  -1 because it was a little too "gee willakers" peer pressure after-school special.
  • +3 for returning to the good ol' days of picking songs that fit the moment vs. a force fit into a Mr. Shuster assignment.  "Another One Bites the Dust" works with Vocal Adrenaline's intimidation message and Quinn's problems are perfectly channelled through her raspy James Brown performance.  -1 for regressing with the irrelevant "Good Vibrations" moment.
  • Preggo gals rubbing their bellies and swaying in the background of Quinn's number while practicing lamaze to the beat creeped me out.  -3
  • Sandy is always a pleasant surprise.  Less when he's dealing Chronic Lady, more when talking about his internet girlfriend, wearing a mini kimono, or in the case of this week's episode, screaming about needing rose pink.  +2
  • Ew.  Terri is sexually attracted to Finn because he's basically a 16 year old Mr. Shuster.  -2 for potential disturbing plotline.
  • Terri: "I thought Jews were supposed to be smart?"  +1 because we are.
  • Where's Emma?  I miss her mental instability...and her stellar wardrobe.  -2.
  • Sue's  favorite CarboGels flavor is appletini.  +1 for this quick mini surprise.  I would have imagined her flavor of choice to be something weirder and more sinister, like rocky mountain oysters.
  • Kurt storms out with the boys to defend Rachel's honor...and then is the first to retreat when given an easy out.  +1 because that diva is really one of the girls.
  • Terri helps Finn with his Glee assignment by using the iTunes.  +2 because out of touch grown ups always add "the" in front of words that never require it.
  • Kurt's high kick after winning Nationals: +1, just 'cause.
Total: 10-->This week's episode is the diva equivalent of Maria Carey.  I mostly chose Maria because I think Will was channeling her during his booty seduction of Sue.  I'm also thinking the slutty cheerleaders should probably do a version of "Touch My Body" sometime soon.

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