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Friday, June 11, 2010

Gleecap: 6/8 Episode

I know I didn't report on the Season 1 finale nearly as soon as I should have, but you should know I'm a very important person with lots of things on my plate.  Enough excuses, time for the final Diva-meter of the season:
  • Black Dude (whose character's name we now know is Matt Rutherford) and Other Asian (character name: Mike Chang; name forever on this blog: Other Asian) actually got some speaking lines: +1.  In other surprising news, Santana and Puck usurp a solo (albeit a teeny one) from Rachel and Finn during a major performance: +2.  However, Quinn did not get a single solo (-1), probably due to the fact that she was popping out her bastard child.
  • Vocal Adrenaline decides to compete at Regionals with a song that showcases only one person in the entire group.  We love Jesse, but it's called "show choir", not "show person".  If they're all going to be awarded Range Rovers, everyone in the group should have to participate.  This aint American Idol.  -3
  • New Directions' clearly picked out their outfits to hide Quinn's baby bump.  +2 for good strategy.
  • The McKinley kids begin their performance with a dramatic entrance from the back.  Oh wait, it's not dramatic anymore because that's how they began their performance at Sectionals.  -1
  • Mama Fabray (original, not post-natal Quinn) says she left Quinn's father after she discovered his infidelity with "a tatooed freak."  +1 for the up-to-date cultural reference to Sandra Bullock.
  • In Josh Groban's 1st appearance he was attracted to Will's older, drunk mother.  This episode he's interested in Sue.  Apparently, he loves the messed-up ladies.  +2 because you could probably say the same thing about my own boyfriend.
  • Rachel's face when she says, "Screw that; we're gonna win this!" reminds me of her overzealous childhood dancing from the pilot: +1.
  • Olivia Newton John's acting seems to have gone downhill since her performance in Grease, -1.  Her face, however, appears to have remained exactly the same.  +2 (thanks, Botox!)
  • Kurt wears not one but two hats this episode.  One is a newsboy cap and the other is a sailor hat.  +2 because that was very diva (and 1920s) of him.
  • Song recap:
    • Journey Medley: Awesome.  +4
    • Bohemian Rhapsody: see above
    • To Sir, With Love: soooo unbelievably fitting +2
    • Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Neither here nor there; therefore, no points awarded or subtracted.
Total: 13--> The finale was as Diva as Gloria Estefan - a performer on Season 1 of VH1 Divas (circa 1998).  Much like the tiny Latina popstar proved big voices can come in tiny packages, the first season of Glee showed us a true TV hit can come from the unlikeliest of places.  Like Estefan, Glee is quite saucy, and I'm hoping they keep it that way.  Here's hoping Season 2 keeps us intrigued!

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