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Friday, June 25, 2010

Cheftestant Showdown: Top Chef Recap, 6/23 Episode

This week, we learned that peanut butter is the worst thing ever according to Amanda and that Padma will be a great mom because all the middle schoolers want to give her ginormous hugs.  But more importantly, let's chat about where the chefs fall this week...
  • Angelo:
    • Innovation: 0 - Peanut butter and celery.  Are you kidding me?  If you're going to sabatoge someone, do it with flair - turn off your opponent's oven or something; don't make ants on a log.
    • Drool Factor: 0 - It's celery and peanut butter.  The judges should have laughed in your face.
    • Chef Likeability: 1 - Not a complete 0 because this is the first time we've seen a chef actively try to take down a competitor through conniving means...and we secretly like it. 
  • Kenny:
    • Innovation: 1
    • Drool Factor: 2
    • Chef Likeability: 4 - He weathers sabotage in style; however, he doesn't get the full 5 points because he seemed genuinely surprised to hear that tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.
  • Amanda:
    • Innovation: 1
    • Drool Factor: 1 - Tom said it looked like a turd.  That comment alone made me gag, maybe even induce a little bile, but drool?  No I was def not drooling over turd.
    • Chef Likeability: 1 - Waaaay too confident for someone who has failed every challenge to date.  Plus she kinda reminds me of Leah from last season...not a good thing.
  • Andrea:
    • Innovation: 3 - She thought of ways to make classic kid-friendly (and typically fatty) foods healthy.
    • Drool Factor: 2
    • Chef Likeability: 4 - I think she could be the dark horse of the competition.  I'm just waiting for her to pop out of the weeds like the hyenas on the prowl for zebras in The Lion King.
  • Kelly:
    • Innovation: 4 - Love the oatmeal in the tortillas
    • Drool Factor: 3
    • Chef Likeability: 1 - I get it.  You made the tacos.  We ALL heard you.
  • Tiffany:
    • Innovation: 4 - Chocolate sorbet and sweet potato is an interesting combo that I never would have thought of...but may be making for dinner tonight
    • Drool Factor: 2
    • Chef Likeability: 3
Looks like this round goes to the ladies, with Andrea and Tiffany taking the lead.  Though I think the real winner was probably the guest judge.  He is a cute Mr. Clean type who's trying to eradicate childhood obesity.  You could tell he thought he was a tad cooler than the cheftestants...and I kinda agree.

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