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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Incredible Indy

Wife beaters, jean shorts, and turkey legs - oh my!  No, I wasn't in Florida this weekend - I was at the Indy 500!  It was white trash central, and I loved every second it.

Andy was pretty much the best host ever.  In addition to housing us, he set us up with ridiculously amazing seats directly across from the top drivers' pits.  Not only did I love the excitement of tire changes (yes, it actually is exciting), I loved the people watching.  I saw enough sunburned beer guts and girls walking around in cut offs and bikini tops to satisfy my own personal Jerry Springer quota for the year.  The spectacular seats also means we were directly across from Dario Franchitti Mr. Ashley Judd's pit and in perfect view of his win.

Did you know you can bring anything into the track?  Really - anything as long as it's not glass!  That means that after a couple hours of tailgating, we each strapped a cooler to our back and headed to our seats.  Not only does this make for an incredibly fun event, it makes everything much cheaper.

I think this may have to be an annual event and I suggest you consider it, too.

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