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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Spice is Nice

I know I've mentioned this hardship before, but it is very difficult for me to live so far from a Chick-Fil-A.  This handicap became more obvious this week as my precious Chick-Fil-A debuted the new spicy chicken sandwich.  Forget the fact that I couldn't register for my free sandwich like everyone else; I just wanted to try it.

Well folks, thanks to my new hero, Patrick, I got my very own spicy chicken sandwich today.  You see, Patrick went to UGA, a school that takes children and turns them into brilliant adults.  So in the absence of a local Chick-Fil-A, Muhammad went to the mountain - or more accurately Paramus, New Jersey - via Zipcar to pick up a slew of the special sandwiches.  Never did I think I would use "special" and "Jersey" in a sentence together, but it looks like the Dirty Jerz has gained a cool point or two after supplying me with Chick-Fil-A (aka: crack).

As a consolation for missing my upcoming b-day party, Patrick met me in the middle of Times Square with a sandwich and a full cup of sweet tea.  For those non-Southern readers, sweet tea is the nectar of the gods that for some unknown reason is not available anywhere in the North.  Yankees are silly.  I guzzled the sweet tea amidst a swarm of tourists photographing M&M World but saved the sandwich for dinner to truly savor the experience.  Now that I've tried it, here's my official review: yum.  Way spicier than I imagined, but I can handle it.  They kept the pickles in there, which tasted even better on the spicy sandwich than the original.  I'm a fan.  Thanks to Patrick, the birthday gift bar has been set pretty high.  Boyfriend and parents, take note.

On Monday I'll be 25 and, therefore, able to rent a car.  Road trip to Paramus, anyone?

Can't figure out how to rotate the pic, but you get the idea


  1. Ahhh! When I had to work in NJ I would go to Paramus like every day! I'll make the trip anytime!!

  2. doesn't debut in the deep south (home of the chick fil a) til monday 06-07 (double important day, right?!) don't know that i can veer from the traditional path, but will have to taste a bite.
    bring it on!



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