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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Souvlaki GR

Food trucks love the area by my office.  There are tons of hardworking folks who never bring lunch from home and usually just want to run out and grab something quickly.  I don't usually take advantage to my proximity to all this great food because 1) I try to be good and pack my lunch at home; 2) it's probably not as healthy; and 3) I don't always have cash on me.  Friday is meant to be a "cheat day" so I stuck a $10 bill in my pocket and headed to the Souvlaki GR truck.

I had a good feeling about this truck because I knew it had been so successful they actually opened a brick and mortar restaurant (usually the truck grows from the success of the actual storefront, not the other way around).  I ordered a chicken souvlaki pita ($5) and, because it was cheat day, I also got the Greek fries ($5), which are topped with oregano and feta.  The pita was on the smaller side, which actually means it was an appropriate size.  I can't say the same about the fries, which were totally indulgent.  Indulgence is allowed on cheat day, but I would probably share the fries with a friend next time.  The tzatziki was great, the chicken nice and seasoned, and lots of extra points for them including a couple fries in the pita, just like they really do in the middle east/Mediterranean.

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