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Thursday, June 5, 2014

3 on Thursday

It's a good think I spent most of last weekend doing nothing because this weekend will be the exact opposite.  I'm off to Vegas today to say adieu to Rebekah's single life!
Background: Serious tabby and painted brick walls at ABC Cocina
  1. On Sunday I ran my longest distance to date: 4 miles.  That might not be much for a lot of people, but it extended my previous record by a full mile so I'm feeling pretty accomplished.  It was also the first time I participated in a real race - one that's officially timed and everything.  This particular race was the Celebrate Israel Run and symbolized a journey through Israel from Eilat to Tel Aviv and was a kick off event to the 50th annual Celebrate Israel parade.  Though the 5,530 runners were of all different races and religions, the pre-race ceremonies included both the Star Spangled Banner and Hatikva.  Singing both national anthems made me feel like I was back at camp.  All I needed was some bug juice.  My time was not as good as I had hoped, unfortunately.  After my practice runs got me to an 8:34 pace, I slowed down by almost a full minute during the race itself.  That's the power of the incline.  You see, while I had practiced in my neighborhood, I now know there are, ironically, no hills in Murray Hill.  I was totally unprepared for the hills in Central Park - those suckers dropped my total time to 37:48 (9:27 pace).  But ya know what?  I'm STILL proud of myself.  I trained and pushed myself further than I had ever previously gone.  I'm already looking for my next race.  The energy surrounding a race is something to experience.  The exuberance at the starting line where everyone knows they're about to crush a goal is matched only by the buoyancy at the finish line.  You did it and now you're walking on air; and once you catch your breath you feel alive.
  2. Chillin on a boat with a beer makes for a great sunday.
  3. After some champagne and a lot of sun, this chick passed out in Central Park on Memorial Day so her loving friends decided to cover her with grass and turn her into the amazing disappearing woman.

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