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Monday, June 23, 2014

Pinches Tacos

Date nights don't have to be on weekends.  On Wednesday Albert asked if I wanted to hang out and even had the idea to grab a quick bite and go to a fun indie flick downtown.  It was so different from a typical Wednesday and embodied everything I love about this city.  We saw the kind of movie you wouldn't be able to catch in my small hometown in a theater where my oversized glasses were applauded.  We also made no firm plans on where to eat, knowing we were sure to find something amazing once we were in the neighborhood of the theater.

We ended up at Pinches Tacos, a small Mexican joint so close to the edge of the sidewalk that it's practically in the street.  I tried three different tacos: the braised pork, the split pork, and the chorizo.  Every one of them was delicious.  They're small so three was the perfect amount.  It's a good thing I filled up on the tacos because the one thing that didn't impress me was the order of yuca fries we got to share.  They tasted like frozen cafeteria french fries with no actual starch in the middle.  Just the fry shell - and not the good kind of fry.  Since the restaurant is called Pinches Tacos, I only have high hopes for their namesake product.  Unfortunate that the yuca wasn't my thing, but my primary expectation was met.

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