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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I previously wrote how I liked Dig Inn because it is one of the few places you can get takeout for a full, well-balanced meal - protein + sides.  Well call me a fickle lover because I've found something I like WAY better.  Here's the thing: Dig Inn is healthy, which is great.  But sometimes it tastes healthy, know what I'm sayin?  For example, the chicken may be a little dry because sauce would mean more calories.  Part of me likes that you know it's healthy because it's like getting a little pat on the back every time you chew a bite.  The other part of me just wants something with more flavor.

Even though Kale's menu looks smaller and [gasp] healthier, the food tastes more like what I would prepare in my own kitchen.  Or at least what I would want to prepare.  Albert is a huge Dig Inn fan and when I told him Kale was better his response was "ew".  When I asked why, he said he'd never been but he doesn't like kale.  Ohhh that makes sense.  If you're not a fan of the antioxident-rich green veggie this place would seem like it would have nothing for you.  Don't make Albert's mistake.  The name is very misleading.  I actually didn't have any kale on my plate.

My $10.99 build-a-dish came with a protein, base, and two additional sides.  I went with the wild brown rice base which included some veggies and tasted more like fried rice or pilaf (made with good stock) than basic brown rice.  For my protein I picked the turkey meatballs and for the side veggies I got cabbage slaw with apples and chili hoisin brussels sprouts.  See, no kale in sight.  (Don't worry, if you happen to be a kale fan they have that, too.  Otherwise it's just stupid to name your restaurant that.)

The food is healthy but they're not going crazy with it.  Everything in moderation including moderation, right?

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