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Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Reads

  1. If e-cigarettes are meant to help adults curb smoking, it seems like flavored nicotine may, indeed, be a marketing ploy for kids.  Otherwise, wouldn't we have seen cinnamon toast crunch cigarettes before now if it was something adults craved?
  2. Dowries are not legal in India, but that has not kept people from paying them or put a stop to the "dowry deaths" that occur when the sum is not high enough.
  3. I grew up with Reading Rainbow and love that its legacy can continue thanks to Lavar Burton resurrecting the program.  Update: the kickstarter project surpassed the $1 million goal and hit $2 million.  Literacy for all!
  4. In case you missed Edward Snowden's interview with Brian Williams, this quick article captures the highlights.

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