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Thursday, June 19, 2014

3 on Thursday

I made the difficult decision to lay low on Saturday and Sunday.  I knew that if I didn't, it would mean seven straight weeks with no time to myself.  While that means I may have missed out on a party, I got to rest up and recharge my batteries.  After spending my weekend taking a long walk, reading, and laying out on my roof, I feel like a real person again.
Background: Vegas club entrance

  1. The one thing I did do this weekend was go to Yacht Rock (my fave!) on Friday night.  It may have been rainy, but it was worth it to head to Williamsburg to partake in their brand of smooth rock.  The concert was at Brooklyn Bowl, which - once the 6-year old birthday party cleared out - was a great venue.  I was pretty adamament on not doing anything for my birthday this year.  I'd be at a bachelorette in Vegas on the actual day, I'm saving up for the big 3-0 next year, and I've been fortunate enough to feel loved constantly and have had a whole bunch of stellar weekends in a row.  Instead, I got to hang out with some of my closest friends at brunch after my race the weekend before my bday and go to Yacht Rock with Albert and Beth the weekend after.  As my final bday gift, Albert got me the captain's hat you see pictured after he caught me staring at it for a couple hours.  It may not have been a big bash and my bday may never have been explicitly mentioned, but it happened to be the best birthday I've had in years.
  2. On Saturday I took a nice 3 mile stroll around the city while running errands.  On my way back, after gawking at the homes surrounding Gramercy Park, I stopped into Bedford Cheese Shop to treat myself to some fancy cheese.  The store is super cute, the staff knowledgeable, and all the imported goods give it a European feel.  
  3. Matt and Karina gave me this gorgeous set of stackable rings for my birthday.  With my current love of dainty jewelry and my always love of all things monogrammed, this is pretty much a perfect gift.  

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