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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 4/5 Episode

Yes, my weekly GG recap is a tad late this go 'round, but I was busy; sorry.  Something tells me nobody produced an intense and pungeant sweat awaiting this, but I felt like I should [sorta] explain myself in case this happens to be the highlight of your week.  On the other hand, while I would love that I would be a part of what you consider to be the best piece of your week, I find it a tad sad if this is all you have to live for.  As Bethany on Real Housewives of New York would say "you need to get a hobby."  Speaking of hobbies, this week on GG everyone seemed to have the same hobby of birthday games and destruction of frenemies (how's that for a segue!?).  I'll keep this one brief and just discuss what I found to be the question marked bits of this week's episode...
  • Why is Dorota waiting on Serena like she's her employer? Blair is your Queen - don't forget your loyalties!
  • What was going on with Blair's coat, which was nothing if not an homage to shoulder pads?  Forget fashion, that was downright dangerous.  Somebody could've gotten their eye poked out.
  • Was Nate really supposed to believe that Serena has a garter for her cell phone?  She may have a trashy past, but that's still a stretch.
  • Thank you, writers for explaining Eric's absence...but why in the world would he be in Japan?  Alone?  I doubt he was checking out colleges...unless that's what the kids are calling bathouses these days.
  • Now that her PR career is kaput, she is no longer seeking out her absent father, and she kicked the married politician to the curb, what does S do all day (when she's not planning elaborate b-day parties)?  I love me some free time, but I think even I would get bored of doing nothing but spend money.
Until next week...

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