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Monday, April 19, 2010

Kellari's a Keeper

After some last minute changes in plans on Saturday night, we found ourselves walking into Kellari Taverna for dinner.  We didn't have a reservation but were seated immediately.  If you're wondering about the restaurant's credibility due to the fact that there was no hour-long wait, I'll have you know it was recently featured on Gossip Girl; and if B and S grace a restaurant with their presence, it must be good. 

We snacked on the hummus, bread, radishes, and olives on the table while examining the menu before coming to our food decisions.  For appetizers, we ordered some ultra creamy tzaziki and a wonderful octopus salad.  The octopus was lightly dressed, warm, and not at all tough.  In other words: perfect.  Seeing as how fish is the house specialty, I ordered dorado.  It was very tasty, but I found a couple bones.  I can safely say there is no demure or ladylike way to pull fish bones out of your mouth in a fancy restaurant.  We ordered the potatoes, spinach, and asparagus sides as well since the menu was à la carte style.  Everything was very lightly seasoned to pull out the best, natural flavors of the dishes.  We finished the meal with the baklava, which was delicious - more melt in your mouth than chewy, as baklava should be.

Kellari is not cheap, but if you want fresh, well-prepared fish, it is a great place to keep in mind.  While I am a carnivore through and through, I have a couple of ::gasp:: veggie-minded pals, and it is nice to have a reliable vegetarian-friendly restaurant in the arsenal.  I think this is a little better than directing them to the make-your-own salad station at Europa.  Though if they are completely vegetarian and do not even eat fish...I don't really know where to tell you to go.  Is there a celery store?

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