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Monday, April 26, 2010

Mezcal at Mayahuel

I am happy to say that I crossed another restaurant off my list on Saturday night!  I am always intrigued by a restaurant that specializes in something.  I think it is because I like the idea that they are throwing themselves into something 100%, nothing half-assed about it.  The latest restaurant to catch my eye due to this focused menu approach is Mayahuel and they're alllll about the mezcal.

Mezcal is a distilled drink produced from the maguey plant grown primarily in Oaxaca, Mexico. Maguey is a form of agave, making the drink similar to tequila, though a tad smokier.  Mayahuel has a looooong list of drinks made from mezcal and tequila, so I had some tough decisions to make.  After requesting a recommendation between two drinks from the waiter, he asked me if I had a sweet or spicy personality.  I answered spicy (duh, we all know I'm a little spitfire), and he pointed me in the direction of the Spicy Paloma, which was jalapeno tequila with grapefruit, lime, soda, and a salted rim.  Very tasty - I'm really diggin this jalapeno tequila lately.  After that, I was ready for something sweeter, so I tried the Blackfriar Cobbler.  I think this one was made with mezcal, muddled blackberries, soda, sugar and spice, and everything nice.  It went down veeery easily.

Don't think I went there just for the drinks!  There was much food and socializing to be had.  I was long overdue for a date night with Steph, and we figured the boys could tag along as well.  Thankfully, they're fun diners and were up for sharing a couple apps.  We ordered chips and guac, the chorizo with shrimp and scallops, and the chorizo and cheese croquetas.  All very yummy, though the chorizo with shrimp and scallops was a little small for 4 people (but perfect for one or 2) and the guac was nothing special.  For the entrées, Gav and I were on the same page and ordered the pork belly and Steph and Dave were apparently sharing a brain when they both ordered the fish taco special.  Maybe we should switch boyfriends.  The pork belly came with 3 mini tortillas so I could make my own little taco.  The belly was crispy and delish with a sweet mango/tomato relish to balance the spiciness.  Of course my fork wandered over to Dave's plate for the fish tacos, which were light with a corn salsa that had a definite kick to it.

The bill was high due to the amount of $13-$14 drinks we consumed, but the food itself was very reasonably priced.  Much like Death and Co. (they're owned by the same people), there's no such thing as a reservation, and they call your cell phone when your table is ready.  If you're smart like us, you'll get there by 8 PM to beat the crowds (our wait was not even long enough to finish a glass of wine at The Mermaid Inn around the corner)...or you'll try to pay the door guy.  The place is tiny but has charisma with the old world tiles and new world bright red lighting fixtures.  Thumbs up.

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