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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who's Your Uncle

So I love my job.  I am helping create some incredibly impactful ads that can really shake up the industry (don't worry about not being able to reach through the computer screen, I am patting myself on the back).  It is pretty cool to realize that our teams are recognizing a need and determining how to fulfill it through advertising. 

That said, such genius can translate into late nights, tonight being one of them.  I have no problem putting in the time because I can anticipate the end result.  I especially don't mind when staying late means expensed din din at the office.  Tonight's restaurant of choice: Uncle Nick's.

Uncle Nick's is a small greek spot in the Midtown West/Hell's Kitchen/Theater District area.  It has become a regular on the rotation due to the consistently good food.  Being a creature of habit, I always order the gyro (no red onions, in case you wanted the specifics), but today I decided to mix it up.  I went on a limb and got the vegetable mousaka.  I am a huge lover of greek food (it's one of my faves), but can be picky about my mousaka, so this was a true test of Uncle Nick's cuisine.  Verdict: loved it!  The hearty eggplant/potato/zucchini dish was paired with a flavorful rice pilaf.  I'm stuffed - and all for $9.95.

Nick may just be my new favorite uncle (sorry to my Mommy and Daddy's bros - when you learn how to make mousaka like this, you can reclaim the title).

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