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Monday, March 8, 2010

Bonkers for Bunco (and Auction House)

For Greg's 28th b-day, Susan decided to throw him a Bunco party at their new, gorgeous duplex on Saturday night.  My only exposure to bunco was during a marathon of The Real Housewives of Orange County.  In one episode, Tamra throws one helluva bunco party for the other housewives and it basically entailed rolling dice and drinking.  In that respect, this party was the same.  On the other hand, there was an absence of peroxide-loaded hair and silicone-loaded chests, so I guess we're not too similar.  I managed to master the rules of the game, though many other players focused more on the drinking aspect of the tournament...and somehow they still managed to beat me.

After a rousing game of bunco, we headed to Auction House on 89th and 2nd.  I've lived in the UES since I moved to NYC and had never even heard of this place, but I now plan to be a frequent visitor.  I have rarely seen so much red velvet in one place, but it made for a great atmosphere.  Imagine a typical LES bar.  Can you think of one?  Now, pick it up and drop it on a quiet uptown block.  That's Auction House.  Everyone there was very chill, the drinks were tasty, and the intimate feel was nice.  There were plenty of dark corners, making it perfect for a romantic evening if you're into that, but if not, it's great for groups, too.  So I am here to tell all you trendy, hipster doubters that the UES is more than fratty central (not that I mind fratty - in fact, it's pretty much my fave, but this just goes to show that we've got a little bit of everything up here).

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  1. What is Bunco? T- You should checkout the site Hot Bliggity Blog. I think you'd like some of the stuff on it (they even have green designs!). And then you can come on over and follow me on my blog too! Hope all is well in NYE. Bergs, Britt and I are talking about a trip!



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