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Monday, March 22, 2010

The "Non-Plan" Plan

I was so happy to have Carlen in the city all weekend!  After a yummy dinner at The Smith on Friday and a great lunch at Nanoosh (a hummus restaurant near my apartment) on Saturday, we had to finish off the weekend with a great Sunday brunch (the trifecta).  Since the weather gods decided to smile on us all weekend, we opted to go with the "non-plan" plan.  That is, we took the subway to Astor Place and walked around the East Village until we found someplace that caught our eye, preferably one we had not yet tried.  We wound up at La Palapa, a Mexican place on St. Mark's. 

I'll definitely be going back.  The prices were reasonable (my meal was only about $10) and the portions were hearty.  I ordered the Huevos Choriqueso (eggs with chorizo and cheese), which were served with heaping portions of beans and guac.  The beans were actually refried black beans, which I had previously never seen.  They were delicious and much better than normal refried beans.  I was shocked by how much guacamole they gave us.  Usually guacomole is portioned out sparingly, like a precious metal, but at La Palapa, they weren't shy, a quality I love in a restaurant.  The meals were served with a basket of tortillas, which I used to make myself a little breakfast burrito - yum! 

Mental Note: remember Mexican (and La Palapa in particular) for brunch.  I like eggs and bacon/sausage, but I am overall not a huge breakfast eater.  Going to a Mexican restaurant is a great way to satisfy my egg craving with more savory, lunchy accompaniments. 

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