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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is Why I'm Hot

Last night, Raychel and I tried hot yoga.  I was not overly-psyched to go because I had previously only been to one yoga class, and the instructor almost kicked out Steph and I on grounds of excessive laughter during the "om" session.  Apparently they take this stuff serously, even at the decidedly non-granola environment of Crunch.  This time, I kept the giggles to a minimum and actually enjoyed myself. 

I was always told a lady doesn't sweat; she glistens.  If that's true, ladies should not take hot yoga because I was "glistening" buckets.  I didn't necessarily sweat much more than during a run or heavy cardio, but the fact that I hit those sweat levels when I'm just sitting in poses says a lot.  Because I worked up a sweat, I felt productive at the end of this class (unlike my first yoga experience). 

Hot yoga was the perfect way to unwind after a long work week...oh wait, yesterday was only Tuesday.  Nonetheless, it was a great de-stresser and I'm feeling very zen today.  Don't expect to see me running off to an ashram and speaking about chakras anytime soon, but if anyone wants to break out a yoga mat underneath about nine heat lamps, I may actually join you.

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  1. you go with your "downward dog" self!!!



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